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Gaetz Makes Gianforte Joke, Gets Schooled
Florida congressman jokes about reporter who ‘occasionally deserved it’

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz got a lesson on the state’s Stand Your Ground law after he made a joke about Montana congressional candidate’s alleged attack on a reporter.

The morning after Republican Greg Gianforte allegedly attacked a reporter for asking whether he supported the Republican health care bill after its Congressional Budget Office scoring was released, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz joked that an editor at the Tampa Bay Times has “occasionally deserved” something similar.

Can Quist Chart Path for Other Democrats to Follow?
While national Democrats focus on Trump and Russia, Montana House candidate talks health care

While national Democrats compile lists of President Donald Trump’s controversial statements, firings, and ties to Russia as ammunition for upcoming campaigns, Democrat Rob Quist is taking a different approach.

Though Quist’s Republican opponent for Montana’s at-large seat in Congress, businessman Greg Gianforte, is favored to win the special election Thursday, Quist has gained ground recently. Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales changed the race from a Likely Republican rating to Tilts Republican on Monday. His campaign announced Tuesday that he's raised more than $6 million, which has been crucial in the final days of the race.

Weiner Pleads Guilty to Transferring Obscene Material to Minor
Former congressman faces up to 10 years in prison

Former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty Friday to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor in a plea deal with the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan. 

Weiner faces a sentence of up to 10 years, which a judge will decide at a sentencing hearing in September. He will also have to register as a sex offender.

Paralympian and Sled-Dog Racer Enters Oregon Congressional Race
Democrat Rachael Scdoris-Salerno will challenge Republican Rep. Greg Walden in Oregon's 2nd District

Democrat Rachael Scdoris-Salerno will challenge Republican Rep. Greg Walden to represent Oregon's 2nd District in 2018. 

Scdoris-Salerno, 32, is most well-known for competing in four Iditarod sled-dog races and as a tandem cyclist at the Paralympics twice. She is legally blind due to a congenital disorder called achromatopsia. She and her husband own a sled dog tour business in Bend, Ore. 

Man Arrested For Threatening to Shoot McSally
Tucson man accused of leaving three threatening phone messages at congresswoman’s office

The FBI arrested a Tucson man for leaving three threatening phone messages at Republican Rep. Martha McSally's congressional office.

Steve Martan, 58, is a campus monitor at a school in the Tucson area. He allegedly left messages telling McSally to “be careful” when she returns to Tucson and that her days “were numbered,” as well as a specific threat to shoot her.

Strange Touts Role in Resignation of Governor Who Appointed Him
Senator’s role as Alabama attorney general in two prominent cases is questioned after he touts them in ad

Sen. Luther Strange's new campaign ad leads with an image of politicians writhing in pain while getting sprayed down while standing in a car wash. According to the voiceover, this symbolizes Strange cleaning up corruption in Montgomery, Ala. during his time as state attorney general. 

But in the two primary cases cited by Strange — the resignation of Gov. Robert Bentley and the prosecution of Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard — his role was more ambiguous.

Sanders to Campaign for Democrat Quist in Montana
Vermont senator won state’s primary over Hillary Clinton last year

Sen. Bernie Sanders will campaign for Montana Democratic congressional candidate Rob Quist in four cities over two days next weekend.

Paul Ryan to Campaign for Handel in Georgia House Race Monday
Runoff to fill former Rep. Tom Price’s seat draws national attention

House Speaker Paul Ryan will hold a rally Monday with fellow Republican Karen Handel in Sandy Springs, Ga., in an effort to give her a boost ahead of the June runoff in the state’s 6th House District race.

A poll last week showed a tight race between Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff, with Handel holding a small lead for Handel. An internal poll from the Ossoff campaign shows a dead heat.

Klan Prosecutor Joins Alabama Senate Race
Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones is first significant Democratic candidate to run for Strange’s seat

Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones on Wednesday became the first prominent Democrat to enter the race for Jeff Sessions’ former Senate seat in Alabama.

Jones is best known for prosecuting Ku Klux Klan members who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963, killing four young girls and injuring 22 others. 

The Internet Nominates Comey Replacements
For new director of FBI, separating real suggestions from jokes isn’t easy

Homer Simpson in dark sunglasses is clearly not next in line to lead the FBI. Neither is Vladimir Putin wearing a Groucho Marx mustache. But what about Chris Christie

The strange details around President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey keep coming. Press secretary Sean Spicer hid in the White House bushes until he was promised he wouldn’t be filmed answering questions about Comey’s firing. Comey learned he was fired from a TV playing cable news in the back of the room where he was giving a speech in California, and he initially thought it was a prank.

Republicans Face Wrath Over Health Care Vote
Though many skipped town hall meetings, they couldn’t escape the fury

Republican lawmakers across the country have faced crowds of angry constituents after they returned home to try to justify their votes on the Republican health care bill last week. 

Democrat-aligned groups have promised to to try to make House members who voted for the Republican health care bill, called the American Health Care Act, regret their vote. And opponents of the bill are attempting to show their ire over provisions they say will cut coverage, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.

Democrats Cheer Centrist Victory in France, Republicans Mostly Silent
Many saw French election as extension of centrist vs. right wing ideological fight in the U.S.

France’s presidential election drew more attention in the U.S. than normal because many saw it as an extension of the ideological fight between centrism and the far right that characterized the presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

French voters elected centrist Emmanuel Macron president, resoundingly rejecting far-right white nationalist Marine Le Pen, 66-34 percent.

Lewandowski Leaves Lobbying Firm He Co-Founded
Comes after allegations an affiliate solicited business in Eastern Europe with promise of Trump connections

After questions about foreign clients and selling of access to the White House, former Donald Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski is leaving the lobbying firm he founded after the election.

Lewandowski said his partner and others at the firm, Avenue Strategies, sought foreign business in his name, without his knowledge. Negative publicity related to the solicitation of foreign clients and allegations of unregistered lobbying and selling White House access plagued the firm in recent days.

Sinema Won't Challenge Flake For Senate
Sinema was seen as possible contender for first-term Republican Senator Flake's Senate seat.

Democatic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will not challenge Arizona freshman Republican Sen. Jeff Flake and will run for a fourth term, she announced Wednesday.

Responding to a question about whether she would challenge Flake in an interview with Arizona radio station KTAR, Sinema she would instead run for re-election beginning at the end of June, and was “very proud to do it.”

Progressives’ ‘People's Budget’ Becomes ‘Roadmap for the Resistance’
Yearly budget calls for big jobs and infrastructure spending, tax hikes for the rich

With the subtitle “A Roadmap for the Resistance,” the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ “People's Budget,” isn't shy about its purpose in the Trump Era.

As Rep. Barbara Lee summarized it: “In stark contrast to President Trump’s cruel poverty budget, our progressive proposal is a plan for resistance and a roadmap to a safer, healthier and more prosperous America for all.”

As GOP Tax Overhaul Shapes Up, Democrats Push To End The Tax Return
Taxpayers might love return-free filing, but the tax preparation industry does not

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin promised the “largest tax reform in the history of our country” on Wednesday as the White House and congressional Republicans gear up for a major overhaul.

But while their plans emphasize large tax cuts for corporations and more modest ones for individuals, some Democrats are promoting something far more radical: the end of the tax return.

Poll: Ryan Is Even Less Popular Than Trump
Only 29 percent of Americans approve of speaker’s performance

President Donald Trump is very unpopular, but an even smaller percentage of Americans approves of the job House Speaker Paul D. Ryan is doing, a new poll shows.

The Pew Research Center survey released Monday shows that just 29 percent of Americans approve of Ryan’s performance. In contrast, 39 percent approve of Trump, whose approval ratings rank among the lowest of recent presidents at this point in their terms.

Airline Food Workers Protest Low Wages Amid ‘Historic’ Profits
While airline employees have seen raises, those who cater airline meals have not

United isn’t the only airline facing public criticism this week — airline food workers, who prepare meals served on flights, are protesting their low wages while they say the airlines are enjoying record profits.

More than 100 workers for airline catering companies marched from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Wednesday to protest their wages in the midst of what organizers with the labor union UNITE HERE described as “historic profits” for airlines and “well-deserved gains” for other airport and airline workers.

A New Path to Universal Health Care?
Foundering GOP health care effort could signal a shift

The failure of the recent Republican attempt to repeal and replace the Obama administration’s 2010 health care law might have opened a path to the only thing the right fears more: universal health care.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. has introduced a “Medicare for All” bill in every Congress since 2003. But he said he just picked up an 85th co-sponsor, compared to a peak of 63 co-sponsors last year. “I’ve never seen this much energy or grass-roots pressure behind this issue,” he said.

Lesson for Lawmakers: It’s Hard to Take Things Back From Americans
Why repealing Obamacare is turning out to be tougher than expected

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed many Republican fears when he said recently that President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal would not include cuts to Social Security or Medicare. 

Meanwhile, after years of saying that immediate repeal of the 2010 health care law was necessary before it collapsed, GOP leaders are finding their members under pressure to back off unless they have something to replace it with. And in Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday, he emphasized maintaining aspects of the health care law like protection for people with pre-existing conditions, far from the campaign-trail rhetoric of total repeal.