Vince Ventimiglia

Opinion: Home Is Where the Heart Is (and the Lungs and Liver)
We’ve learned that housing shapes our health. Now it’s time for HHS and HUD to work together

Young or old, if you live in unsafe housing, or live without housing, you’re more likely to get sick or injured. A growing body of evidence has made it perfectly clear — our housing affects our health.

Now we need to act on that knowledge. While efforts over the years have tried to link up Housing and Urban Development programs with Health and Human Services, the two agencies still aren’t in sync. And neither can tackle this alone.

Ventimiglia: Protect Patients by Strengthening Supply Chain

Few products have a greater effect on the health of American families than pharmaceuticals.

Most consumers give little thought to the many entities that handle a product before it finds its way into their medicine cabinets or their doctors’ offices. But when one link in the vast distribution supply chain breaks down, patient health is at risk.