Suns v. Wiz: Home Town and Adopted Home Town Hoops

This is a tough one: Whom to root for when your home town team (Phoenix Suns) take on your adopted home town team (Washington Wizards.) As a native Arizonan, born in Phoenix and raised in Cottonwood, the Suns were my first team. They were Arizona's first team really, the first major league sport to grace the Valley of the Sun. There's some sentimentality at work with the Suns. But I haven't lived in the Grand Canyon State since 1998, although, as my parents will attest, a lot of my crap is still there in their homes. My friend and former colleague, current New York Daily News scribe Dan Friedman, warns of the perils, nay, impossibility of divided loyalty. I try to listen to Dan as much as I can, even when he's nearby. So what's it going to be tonight as the Purple Gang takes on the Wiz? Both teams are likely headed to the playoffs. Both have class act players and management. Sorry, Wiz. When I see the following, it's no contest. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBxux-eHpZw