White House Threatens Farm Bill Veto

The White House on Monday threatened to veto the House farm bill, saying that it strongly opposed the legislation in its current form. The veto threat isn't particularly surprising — Michelle Obama has been blasting the bill's food stamp cuts regularly on the fundraising circuit for the Democratic Party. But it doesn't help given that Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, is likely to need Democratic votes to help pass the bill given opposition from many conservative advocacy groups. The Statement of Administration Policy said the bill "would reduce access to food assistance for struggling families and their children, does not contain sufficient commodity and crop insurance reforms, and does not provide funding for renewable energy, which is an important source of jobs and economic growth in rural communities across the country." The administration would rather slice crop insurance subsidies and wants wetlands and soil conservation provisions added, among other things. Also of note, the veto threat was of the more mild "senior advisers would recommend" variety rather than the "would veto" version.  
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