Republicans Unite on Budget Rule, Beat Back Push on Unemployment Benefits (Video)

Plenty of Republicans might not like the budget deal, but only one of them, apparently, despises the deal enough to side against GOP leadership on the procedural votes for the bill — perhaps the last best chance for conservative members to sink the budget compromise.

Indeed, the rule for floor debate on the budget was adopted 226-195, with Walter B. Jones of North Carolina as the only Republican to break with his party and vote against the rule.

Voting against the previous question would have given Democrats control of the floor to potentially add a vote on an unemployment insurance extension. But Republicans weren’t going to let that happen. Once again, Jones was the only member to break with his leadership to vote against the previous question, which was ordered on an otherwise party-line vote of 227-194.

Now the only obstacle to passage of the budget in the House is a single vote expected for later Thursday.